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Age Of War 2

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Age of war 2 is an interesting and an amazing game that brings forth a mix between a strategy kind of game and a defense game. In this game, peace is never an option neither is being left behind in technology an option, and if you want to get far, you have to learn how to defend and to offend at the same time. This game is all about destroying the enemy base while trying and fighting to protect yours. While playing one is required to build turrets in the bid to defend their base and units in order to attack the enemy. The twist of the game comes in where the player this game is able to evolve and to unlock new units and defense means. The more a player evolves the more one becomes more powerful.  It is in the Age of war 2 game, that even as the wheel of time turns as civilization and technologies come to pass and all that you are required to do. Is to keep your territory, your walls and fortress secure with sufficient structures and enough defensive units while crushing and offending your enemies from the other end of the field. Actually, this game is very simple to play. The controls that are required of you is the left click button for the most part of the game. With that all that you need to do is to click to upgrade and to buy the turret spaces or click to spawn and to train offensive units as you click your way to victory or a defeat. Otherwise when your forces meet at the middle of the map, they take on one another. If you demolish your enemy you earn gold and experience points.You can then use these to upgrade your troops and defenses, which allows you to advance forward in time. Other wise if your enemy gets bigger points than you then the enemy trounces you and you are bound for a defeat or getting out clashed. However, it is really fun to play this game while at the same time seeing your troops achieve and reach their prime and their highest potential.